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Mark Fohs  LMHC, BCC



Mark Fohs is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Board Certified Coach who has been recognized as an energized and effective therapist, trainer, and consultant since the mid 1980’s.  A pioneer in the application of a wide variety of energy techniques and their application to peak performance elicitation for personal effectiveness.  He works with Creatives representing the full spectrum of the Arts and Performance, Business Leaders, and Athletes.  He also works with individuals to reestablish their Mind-Body Health and Wellness.


Mark has extensively trained with and been certified by the Founders of Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), Neuro-Linguistc Programming (NLP) and Ericksonian Hypnosis, EMDR, Thought Field Therapy and TBM.  He brings a wide array of tools and abilities, as well as deep clinical experience to the transformative partnerships he establishes with clients.


He is the owner of Coming to Center, a practice dedicated to providing training in discovering/discerning one’s central path in life and recovering the means to confidently walk that path with full systemic integrity to the desired destination.


Mark is on the Board of Directors of the  

and is a member of the Creative Coaching Association.



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