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  Why I am involved in this Endeavor.

Shortly after the tragic events of 9-11-2001, like many of my clients, I was in a state of shock and potential paralysis.


Even though I helped to train responders and worked with survivors both in NYC and in my office, I strongly felt that action at some other level was required to counterbalance the immense destructive power of both what had taken place and what was likely to take place in retaliation.


In other times I had responded by fighting the forces of destruction and assisting those who were injured to recover themselves.  As a therapist I was already actively engaged in assisting people with their recovery.  The problem was how to contribute to a larger intervention.  


After considerable contemplation, I was gifted with a solution that felt right for me.  Instead of striving against an enemy, I would commit myself to assisting the energy and forces of Creation in the world as a counterbalance to the orchestrated forces of destruction.


Towards this end, I started working with Creatives in my practice.  People with the intention and felt sense of purpose to bring beauty, solutions, the power of connectedness and a freedom of expression that both inspires and gives a sense of hope.  


This work has individuals engaging in the fulfillment of their individual empowerment and connection to a community of others who feel the same and, in so doing, shattering the bonds of isolation and depression.


While I am a visual artist myself, the truest expression of my creativity is my work helping others achieve a full connection to their source, complete access to their engaged expression, and the manifestation of their creativity in the world.  

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