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One Problem...


Lack of either Accurate Information or Perception


It has been said by many sources and in many different ways that the recipe for manifestation of a desire into reality simply requires the visualization of what is desired coupled with the felt sense of the presence of the desire already being in your life.


This is an excellent recipe provided there is a specificity of focus and that there are no attendant emotional states/belief systems impeding that felt sense of its presence in one’s life. If either of these exist they can skew or distort the ability of one’s internal system to manifest the desire into physical reality.


This distortion can evidence itself in the focal area along the lines of trying to spear a fish by thrusting the spear at the place that the fish appears to be in the water.  The light, which creates the image in the eye of the observer, looking through air, is not an accurate reality of where the fish is.  One can thrust all day with absolute accuracy according to one’s reality based on being in the air and never hit the fish.  In fact, the greater the accuracy, the greater the certainty of never hitting the fish.


In this instance, for one to be effective, one must be able to enter the visual reality of the water to know where the fish actually is. This is the only way the spear can effectively connect with the fish.


People who have the ability to create, frequently also feel the driving need to create while at the same time have come to feel that these limitations of perception are an actual part of who they are. 


This, in turn, leads to a belief that any effective creation/expression is illusory and is accompanied by suffering, angst etc. Once this becomes a pervasive experience these old worn out stories take on a life of their own and repeat themselves endlessly.


Because of this driving need to create, you may have already expended considerable effort and energy in trying to determine what the problem is. 


Most of the time while an analytical pursuit of the reasons why you are stuck in this pattern may present interesting information cognitively, it doesn’t actually reveal the true nature of the entanglement or lead to a resolution of the problem through a workable solution.




Your Unique Solution...


The Fulfillment of Your Potential


When the internal state is correct then it “connects” the pathway and the expression “flows”.  The way is both evident and clear of obstacles.


This is all an expression of an effortless way of being that is resonant/connected with an ease in breathing your internal creative experience into a your expressive work of creation. 


Essentially, translating from the ideational realm into the realm of the senses, this is accomplished from a state of congruent receptivity into the state of congruent transmission.



Why this process is different


There have been many good books written on how to increase the power of one’s access to and expression of creativity.


If you have tried these ways with limited result, you are in the right place.


Our exploration together is a highly individualized approach in working with your unique creative template.


This template will be used as the basis to widen and increase the fully functional windows that already exist in your life experience. 


What you desire right now can be easily accessed and flow smoothly from the state of truth inside of you.


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