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What’s the Process?

The first session involves an extensive discovery of precisely what you are             looking for.  Frequently people have access to generalities.  If you don’t have     specifics we will use some of this initial time to generate these


An examination of other factors in your life is also crucial at this time.


You are the instrument of your creation.   This includes all aspects of you…


Fortunately, our human system is remarkably resilient in the face of neglect,       privation,and even abuse.  Sometimes the limitations are just those of reduced   efficiency, other times they create significant disruptions or blocks. 


Here are a few examples of each of the major contributing areas that we work     with to facilitate your process:



Emotional Impediments: 

  A state of Need versus a state of balanced desire.

  Feelings of Unworthiness/ Guilt.  Hopelessness regarding the magnitude             of what is necessary, Conscious and Unconscious loyalty binds.


Physical Impediments: 

  Inadequate nutrition, physiology, limitations in movement.


Mental/Cognitive Impediments: 

  limiting belief systems, negative self-talk, distraction, inability to focus.


Spiritual/ Purpose: 

  Felt sense of disconnection/ lack of vision, uncertainty or inability to make




  Disconnection/lack of alignment resulting in lack of energy,       

  misapplication or poor timing.



We employ a comprehensive and completely individualized approach to               determine the specific formative nature of the factors maintain the stasis

that you find yourself in.


Through engaging in this process, you will start to understand your patterns of

doing things from a completely different perspective.  You may already have

some of the pieces of information cognitively, but if things are not working, it is either incomplete or the perspective is out of phase.


 Like the words silent and listen, while these two words are composed of the exact same letters the arrangement of the letters creates entirely different meaning and import.


This work will present an unfolding personal narrative of where and how the

“Full You” went “offline”. 


While it’s nice to know this narrative cognitively, the more important aspect is

that it will allow you to step free from these seminal entangling patterns.


The process of accomplishing this is actually a return to your system’s native or

original programming.  The problem which was causing all of the disruption

was simply a “blown circuit” associated with the structural context of the

circumstance.  Whenever your system came in contact with the specific

structure in a new situation that replicated the structure of the original

circumstance the same original circuit blew reactively each time because

your   system, on its own, was unable to reset itself back to its original programming. 


There are two general possible causative states in which this can happen in the

originating circumstance: 


The first is in a state of trauma, a situation that is identified by your system as:


 A.  It’s potential to destroy you or at least part of you.


 B.  That there is no precedent in your experience of how to respond to the                  situation so there is no way to relate to it and there is no program to

       deal with it.


The second is in a situation in which your system is already overwhelmingly         stressed and the situation is the “straw that broke the camel’s back”.


In both situations the reaction was to FREEZE.  Thus your system couldn’t

continue to move forward- either because in the first situation, “Death lies

ahead” or in the second instance There is no energy left to move forward with.


In the correction of this, you are able to regain yourself in the face of the original challenge, there is no need to invest/ spend significant energy to try and act differently, it simply happens differently-  Choice is reestablished.


This does not mean that Creating is not work.  There is no magic wand here with

the actual effort spent in creating your life’s work.  You still have to fulfill your

responsibility.  The difference is, it is now with the Fullness of who you are,

-Present- in your endeavor.  The experience of this is like singing a song with the trueness/sonority of one’s true voice vs singing the same song with laryngitis.


The major modality we will utilize to navagate this process is

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET). 


My role is essentially that of a translator of the communication presented by

your intuitive self and your logical/analytical/linear thinking self.  This is

facilitated through the mechanism of indicator muscle testing.


Your system already has all of the knowledge of what is causing the “offline”

status and why.  This “offline” status is what is creating the circumstance in

which you are not fully present with all the faculties and abilities of your

fullest self. 


Symptoms are actually your system’s way of getting your conscious mind's

attention through sending an SOS signal. Pretty effective in getting your

attention isn’t it? 


Generally it will transmit these symptoms (which effectively are signals filled

with encoded information) until one of these signals is effective in not being

ignored, and is paid attention to. 


In this process we use the signal as a doorway to enter this data stream of

encoded information.   Since this communication is not in English, the Muscle

Testing is the way to decode the information and make the message

comprehensible.  In the corrective phase of NET you then fix the blown circuit .


This returns your system to “online” status even in the face of the focal

challenge that previously compromised its ability to maintain the integrity of its

full function.


I have employed this methodology in my clinical practice for 18 years.  While I

have worked with Creatives selectively since 2001 I now am moving my

practice more exclusively in this direction.


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